Filling in the Form Details

When Submitting a New Request, you will need to fill in the Details section.

This is where you answer set questions to provide more details about your request/report. These fields are designed to be as easy as possible to fill in.

If there are mandatory fields required, you will not be able to submit the request until these fields are completed. Mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk.

Types of form fields are:

  • Section - tap on this to create a new section for the text
  • Text Field or Text View - type in text or numbers from your device's keyboard
  • Dropdown - tap on the box or the arrow to bring up the dropdown list, then choose one option from the dropdown list
  • Dataset - tap on this in conjunction with the dropdown function 
  • Switch/toggle - tap on the switch to turn it on (Yes) to the right, or off (No) to the left
  • Date, or Date and Time - tap on the box or the arrow to bring up the time and date selector. Scroll through to select the correct time and date
  • Segments - tap to select one of the segments
  • Slider - tap and drag the slider until the correct number is selected
  • Signature - tap and drag this to the form builder to enable fieldworkers to sign their names at the end of the forms
  • Info box - tap this to add additional information on the form


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