The Settings screen lets you control a number of settings. Tap Settings from the menu:

  1. Preferences:
    1. Notify me when my request is complete – toggle this switch on/off to select whether you want to be notified when your requests have been actioned and completed.
    2. Upload media in high quality – when this is switch on, media is submitted in higher quality, but will take longer to upload.
  2. Clear History – this lets you clear all of your My Requests history. You will be prompted to confirm whether you wish to delete all local copies of the request (note that once requests are submitted, the copies on the server cannot be deleted by you as the app user).
  3. Terms of Use – set by the organisation, and contains rules which users must agree to abide by in order to use a service.
  4. Privacy Policy – set by the organisation, and contains information about what the user’s details will be used for.
  5. Credits– details of Gruntify, including version number installed.
  6. Tell Us What You Think – send feedback to the app developers.



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